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Career Opportunities

If you are looking for career opportunities located in Dublin, California in the screen printing industry, this page provides a current list of the positions we are looking to fill.

Logistics/Shop Assistant (shipping/receiving/delivery/shop)

Below is a non exhaustive list of the role and responsibilities we are seeking in a candidate for this position:

• Deliveries (must have a valid and current California driver’s license)

• Counting in shirts or other garments on every purchase order when receiving shipments of goods

• Counting in all shirts for orders with items supplied by the customers upon receiving goods.

• Staging all shirts for both departments

• Unloading freight shipments

• Unloading freight shipments (Oak Harbor)

• Shipping all orders upon request

• Loading and unloading the delivery van when needed, and returning it to it’s parking spot when necessary

• Must be able to read, write and speak English

• Bilingual in English/Spanish a plus

• Must be able to lift at least 50 lbs.

• Ordering all shipping supplies (such as UPS and FedEx boxes, packing labels)

• Assist customers in loading boxes of finished goods into their vehicles

• On-hand inventory of various items (i.e. “do we have any of ____ in stock?”)

• Building cleanliness (filing, trash, mopping, etc.)

• Organizing and separating orders from online stores after production of the goods has finished

Person will also assist with other tasks on an as-need basis, such as stocking catalogs, keeping tool section organized, dump runs, debagging items, operating the bagging machine, etc.

Must be highly detail oriented.

If you would like to apply for this position, please send your résumé to